Vitamin D 'could boost fertility in women with ovulation problems'

Vitamin D could boost the fertility of women suffering from ovulation problems, a new study has found.

The vitamin - found in oily fish and eggs - helped to restore regular periods, thereby improving the chances of conception. The women in the study suffered ovulation problems or were diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), where cysts form on the ovaries. The condition is thought to affect around one in five women in the UK and symptoms include irregular or no periods, problems getting pregnant, excess body hair and being overweight.

The latest research on vitamin D, presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in San Francisco, involved 67 women, of whom 18 had problems ovulating.

Of these, 13 suffered from PCOS, which was the main reason for their infertility. Only 7 per cent of the 67 women were found to have normal vitamin D levels while 66 per cent had low levels of vitamin D and 27 per cent were clinically deficient.

The researchers, led by a group from Yale University School of Medicine, said those with ovulation problems or PCOS were far more likely to be lacking in vitamin D than the other women. They suggested that women with these conditions should be given vitamin D to help restore their periods.

Source - Daily Mail

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