Speed of eating 'key to obesity'

Wolfing down meals may be enough to nearly double a person's risk of being overweight, Japanese research suggests.

Osaka University scientists looked at the eating habits of 3,000 people and reported their findings in the British Medical Journal.

Problems in signalling systems which tell the body when to stop eating may be partly responsible, said a UK nutrition expert. He said deliberately slowing down at mealtimes might impact on weight. The latest study looked at the relationship between eating speed, feelings of "fullness" and being overweight.

Just under half of the 3,000 volunteers told researchers they tended to eat quickly. Compared with those who did not eat quickly, fast-eating men were 84% more likely to be overweight, and women were just over twice as likely.

Those, who, in addition to wolfing down their meals, tended to eat until they felt full, were more than three times more likely to be overweight.

Source - BBC

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