More than 25% of takeaway curries are laced with illegal quantities of dangerous food colouring

The prospect of a takeaway curry can brighten up a quiet night in.

But the vivid yellows and reds of some of the nation's favourite dishes could be bad for our health. More than one in four takeaway curries is laced with illegal and potentially harmful levels of laboratory-created chemicals, a survey found.Experts identified large amounts of artificial colourings such as tartrazine, ponceau 4R and sunset yellow in a random test of curry house dishes.

The chemicals are subject to legal limits because they are linked to allergic reactions such as rashes and breathing difficulties.

More recently, a study by experts at the University of Southampton linked such chemical cocktails to hyperactive behaviour in children. As a result, the Food Standards Agency wants manufacturers to remove the artificial colours from their products by the end of next year.

Source - Daily Mail

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