Kitchen honey better at healing burns than standard NHS treatments, say scientists

Treating a burn with honey from the kitchen cupboard may promote faster healing than a surgical dressing.

Honey has been found to be better at aiding burn recovery than standard treatments used by the NHS, a study claims.

Scientists pooled data from 19 trials involving more than 2,500 patients with a range of wounds.
They found that honey was better at reducing the time it takes to recover from mild to moderate burns than some widely used gauze and film dressings. 'We're treating these results with caution, but it looks like honey can help speed up healing in some burns,' said chief researcher Dr Andrew Jull, from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

How honey works is unclear, but it appears to fight infection and help the body remove dead tissue. The findings were published by the Cochrane Library, which provides systematic reviews of research studies.

Source - Daily Mail


  1. So, why did mum used to rub butter onto burns?

  2. Mmm...
    Interesting thought teacher!
    Do any scientists know the answer?