Pomegranate juice boosts your sex life? It's fantasy!

You may, or may not, have seen the adverts for pomegranate juice which were splashed all over the papers last week.

But if a good love-life really could be attained by simply downing a couple of glasses of pomegranate juice, as is suggested, there would be such demand for the stuff it would have to be rationed. A real case of marketing spin if ever I saw one!

Every week it seems there's a new superfood on the market - one minute it's goji berries, the next, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, wheatgrass juice and on and on. It's amazing there's any disease left in this world of ours when it has such a cornucopia of wondrous 'superfoods'.

The idea that any of these is going to be the cure-all makes me mad - the fact is, the superfood culture is a monster created by the food-marketing machine. If the rest of your diet is processed junk, a punnet of 'super' berries or a glass of juice is not going to rescue your body - they're not wonder-pills. You'd also have to eat massive amounts of, say, dried cranberries or goji berries to enjoy the benefits.

And have you noticed that these superfoods always cost more? Some of these berries in particular are extraordinarily expensive. Well, there's no need to feel guilty about not buying your child blueberries.

The true superfoods are your common or garden brightly coloured fresh fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, grapes and apples.

Source - Daily Mail

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