Oh baby you're amazing

Zoologist Desmond Morris admits that his latest study has left him in awe of the power and potential of the human infant

The human baby is truly amazing; the unfolding of his qualities and abilities a complex story. His tiny body has the backing of a million years of human evolution, helping different features to develop in a special sequence.Evolution has armed the infant with an irresistible appeal that ensures his parents care for him, feed him, and keep him clean and warm.

For human beings, the parental burden is huge, lasting nearly two decades for each child, but it can also be a source of intense joy. And babies are our only certain form of immortality, ensuring that our genes do not die out.

But the importance of a baby's first two years cannot be overestimated. Many of the qualities he acquires in that time mark him for life. Nestling inside his fragile head, a newborn baby has the genetically inherited equipment that is needed for this development. All his parents have to do is offer him the setting in which this equipment can whirr into action. Read on for amazing facts about a baby's potential…

Source - Telegraph

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