Could control pants give you back pain? Experts fear 'bodysculpting' undies could cause long-term damage

Bridget Jones swore by them; pop temptress Kylie Minogue recently paid special tribute to them.

Now, thanks to style makeover gurus Trinny and Susannah, and more recently Gok Wan, millions of British women have also discovered the joys of control pants. At Marks & Spencer alone, a million items of Magicwear - as its control range is known - are sold every year. It's one of the company's biggest sellers, a spokesperson confirmed.

But some experts now believe that 'miracle cure' support underwear could be bad for women.
This is because pot bellies and 'muffin tops' - where a woman's stomach spills over her waistband - are often the result of weak abdominal muscles, which are linked to back problems, incontinence and even prolapse of the womb.

Furthermore, by hiding behind their control pants, women aren't tackling an even more serious problem: their excessive weight, which puts them at higher risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

As Neville Rigby, director of public policy at the International Obesity Taskforce, explains: 'We are sleepwalking towards an epidemic of obesity and all the health complications that go with it.

Source - Daily Mail

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