Body matters

In my twenties, when I had more time for pampering, I thought massages were a marvellous indulgence.

I had no problem paying someone in a white tunic £50 every once in a while to smother me in aromatherapy oils. Only now, with an achy back, a stiff neck and barely any time for beauty parlours, I realise the rub-downs of yesterday were wasted on the younger, time-rich me. I just didn't appreciate how necessary they were.

From India to China, South America to Africa, every ancient culture has some form of massage technique ingrained in its philosophy of optimum health. Greek and Roman civilisations used massage, too, as a bona fide medical tool, yet even now in Britain, thanks to censorious tradition when it comes to human physical contact, we view it as a luxury.

Having come to massage via the beauty parlour, I was, until recently, agnostic about its benefits. The more I learn, however, from medical practitioners, the more I realise how powerful it is as a means to keep the body in top condition.

Source - Telegraph

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