Diet 'can flavour mother's milk'

Flavours in a nursing mother's snack can find their way into her breast milk within minutes, research suggests.

A group of 18 women were asked to provide samples of breast milk before and after eating capsules containing various flavours. New Scientist magazine reported that banana could be detected for an hour after consumption, while menthol lasted for eight hours.

Previous work suggests a breastfeeding mother's diet affects her baby's taste. Mothers are often concerned that their baby may be put off breastfeeding or become upset if they have eaten strongly flavoured food. But the research from the University of Copenhagen suggests that, in most cases, the taste will only change for a few hours at most.

As well as the banana and menthol chemicals, they tested capsules containing liquorice and caraway seed chemicals, both of which peaked in concentration in breast milk on average two hours after consumption.

The research, which originally appeared in the journal Physiology and Behavior, also found that the time it took for the flavours to arrive and disappear varied significantly between women.
However, all the flavours had vanished by the eight hour mark.

Source - BBC

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