Yes, some superfoods really ARE super (Just read our guide and ignore the hype)

A week scarcely passes without us being told about yet another 'superfood'.

Recently we've learnt tomatoes prevent sunburn and premature wrinkles, purple grapes boost memory, while rhubarb is good for kidney disease. But do all superfoods match up to their 'super' status?

Obesity: Women who'd eaten a serving of almonds had higher levels of cholecystokinin (a hormone which helps you feel full) than men did, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. So while almonds may leave both women and men with a feeling of 'satisfaction', women may stay full longer.
Alzheimer's: Mice with an Alzheimer's-like disease were fed an almond-rich diet. After four months, those animals did much better on memory tests than those fed the usual food.
Heart health: American research has found that eating almonds reduces the risk of heart disease as effectively as some statins.
Top tips: Make sure you are buying 'the real McCoy' - many imported almonds are not almonds at all, they're apricot kernels; these look similar but the taste and health benefits are not the same. Also look for almonds in the shell that don't rattle when you shake them. Rattling may be a sign that the almonds are old.

Source - Daily Mail

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