Shameless actress Annabelle Apsion on the Rosen Method

It was a docu-drama that brought the actress Annabelle Apsion to the Rosen Method, a form of hands-on bodywork designed to release physical and emotional tension. It worked so well for her that she now balances her role as Monica in the Channel 4 series Shameless with running the UK's training school and working as a practitioner.

“I found out about Rosen after I'd played Jenni Hicks in the 1996 drama documentary about the Hillsborough football disaster,” she says, sipping tea in the sunny kitchen of her Hampstead home, North London. “Both her daughters died at the stadium. I hadn't played a ‘real' person before, and this was such a horrific experience. Every day for six weeks I was playing someone in distress and by the end of the filming I was still affected by having to relentlessly conjure up those images and feelings about Jenni's daughters and how they'd died.”

The stress of this reverberated for some time, leaving her unsettled and anxious. She was also between jobs, something she usually enjoys because it allows her time to pursue other interests. Not this time. But a chance attendance at a Rosen Method workshop, which she thought was a massage class, changed things.

“I've always liked massage and I've had lots of different bodywork, shiatsu, reflexology, Indian head name it, I've probably tried it, and I thought volunteering to be demonstrated on would be a good way to get a free treatment. In fact, I was a bit disappointed initially as I was expecting a deep-tissue massage. This was much more gentle and exploratory, assessing where the emotional tension was rooted in my muscles and gently encouraging them to ‘let go' by themselves rather than having something done to them, which is a very different experience.

Bodywork affected her feelings
“It was amazing. As the treatment went on I was able to connect to my body in a way that I hadn't before. The practitioner asked me some incredibly pertinent questions while she was working on me. She said that it was in response to the information she was getting from my breathing - and from the way my body responded to her touch. “Through Rosen I could connect, identify and let go of the physical side, which released the feeling side. It was a profound experience at a time when I really needed it.”

Source - Times

Follow this link to see an interview with 93 year old Marion Rosen; fascinating!

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