Man uses hypnosis to dull pain as dentists pulls out his teeth WITHOUT anaesthetic

After avoiding the dentist for the best part of a decade, Leslie Mason was in pain and knew he needed some work.

He needed two rotten teeth and four roots removed but could not afford to pay £400 for the work and was dreading the agony he was about to endure. He mentioned his dilemma to his friend John Ridlington, a qualified hypnotist, who revealed he had been discussing the potential of hypnosis to a dentist he knew.

A quick check confirmed Mr Mason could act as a guinea pig to test the theory and have the dental treatment for free.He underwent a two-hour procedure without anaesthetic last month and afterwards reported feeling nothing more than a 'little sting'.

'It was incredible. There is no worse pain than that inflicted by dentists but I didn't feel any,' said Mr Mason, 54, a DIY store worker from Colchester, Essex. 'The dentist had to dig away at the rotten roots that were right up into my jaw. There isn't anything I wouldn't have done under hypnosis now. It's incredible.'

The father-of-seven, who is married to wife Anne, 53, has previously used hypnosis to quit a 40-a-day smoking habit.

Source - Daily Mail

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