Ginkgo 'does not treat dementia'

A herbal extract used by an estimated 10% of people with dementia is not an effective treatment for it, an Imperial College London study suggests.

Ginkgo biloba is commonly marketed as an aid to memory and some studies have reported benefits. But a six-month trial of 176 people with mild to moderate dementia found no difference between those taking ginkgo biloba and those taking placebo. The results are in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

The researchers tested 120 mg daily of ginkgo biloba in patients recruited from London general practices. They measured participants cognitive skills and quality of life at two, four and six months. Tests included exercises such as recalling words from memory or answering questions about time or places.

There was no evidence that the standard dose of the herbal extract had any benefit on memory.
And quality of life as reported by the patient or by their carer did not improve over the course of the research.

Source - BBC

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