Revealed: The fascinating facts (and common myths) about our brains

Does a bigger brain make you more intelligent?

Do blind people really hear better than sighted people? And why can't you get that irritating tune out of your head?

There are many myths about our brains — and as many amazing facts, as revealed in a fascinating new book by SANDRA AAMODT and SAM WANG, two leading neuroscientists.
Here, they explain some of the most surprising secrets of our grey matter...

FACT: You can't tickle yourself
When a doctor examines a ticklish patient, they place one of the patient's hands over their own to prevent the tickling sensation.

Why does this work? Because no matter how ticklish you may be, you can't tickle yourself. This is because your brain focuses on what's going on in the outside world — to prevent important signals from being drowned out in the endless buzz of sensations caused by your own actions.

For instance, this means you're unlikely to notice the texture of your socks, but you would feel a tap on the shoulder. The patient doesn't feel the tickling because his brain thinks it's his own hand doing the action.

FACT: Looking at a photograph is harder than playing chess.

Source - Daily Mail

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