Reiki healing for children

Using an ancient healing art, one mother says she found a way to calm her boisterous son.

By the age of 4, Jake’s life was pretty stressful. His parents had broken up when he was 18 months old and he was spending half the week with his father and half with his mother, Kerry Geldart. He had never slept well, but now he was waking three or four times every night, calling anxiously for his mum.

“He was very nervy, but at times overly boisterous. He had a lot of insecurities due to a lack of a structured routine in terms of shared parenting,” says Geldart, 37, who at the time was a part-time finance manager living in Brighton.

They seemed stuck in a rut. But, when Jake broke his wrist after falling off a climbing frame at the park, Geldart’s friend Rifa Bhunnoo, a practitioner of reiki, which claims to direct healing energy via the hands, offered to treat him. “I had my doubts,” Geldart recalls. “Jake was asleep when Rifa arrived. She didn’t disturb him, but spent about 40 minutes placing her hands on his head, body and wrist cast. “When he awoke he was in the sunniest of moods. It was stunning.”
From that point on, she says, Jake no longer needed painkillers. Geldart had also noticed how calm and relaxed he had seemed after the session and it spurred her on to learn reiki so she could treat Jake at home.

Reiki works by intention, through the desire of one person to ease the burdens of another, which is why a parent performing reiki on a child works so well,” claims Geldart. “As well as improving my own wellbeing by using it on myself to destress, relax and think clearly, I soon saw the positive effects it was having on Jake. I started using reiki at bedtime by placing a hand on his forehead,” she says. “He would tell me that he loved the warm feeling it gave him. More importantly, he began to sleep through the night, which was a huge relief and meant that we were both more energised. He also had an increased attention span and was much less boisterous.”

Source - Times

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