There's no rash with mash - potatoes are the safest food on the menu

The potato has been identified as the safest item on the menu.

It is the food least likely to cause migraine, eczema, fatigue and irritable bowel syndrome, a study has found.

Analysis of more than 8,000 volunteers who took a food intolerance test revealed less than 1 per cent tested positive on potatoes. Other foods topping the safe list were grapefruit, apricot, apple, barley and lemon. But the potato was declared the outright winner. The study was carried out by YorkTest, a food intolerance testing firm.

Spokesman Les Rowley said: "When you consider that each and every person in the UK eats on average 200lb of potatoes a year, this is really quite surprising. Whereas some food intolerances appear to be caused by too much of the same food, on a too regular basis, it seems that the potato is the exception to the rule."

He said the potato caused so few health problems because it breaks down easily in the digestive system.

The study found the three foods most likely to cause an adverse health reaction were cow's milk, yeast and egg white.

Source - Daily Mail

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