Sunday 'worst sleep' of the week

Sunday is the hardest night of the week to get a good, undisturbed sleep, research suggests.

The study of 3,500 adults, commissioned by the hotel chain Travelodge, found nearly 60% of workers have their worst night's sleep on a Sunday. More than a quarter of those surveyed admitted to calling in sick on Monday after having a dreadful night's sleep.

The survey also found as many as 80% of people slept soundest on a Friday night, at the end of the working week. Disrupted sleep has been blamed for a lack of concentration at work, increased irritability towards bosses and even for falling asleep at the desk.

Nearly half of those questioned said they suffered from a lack of concentration which lead to mistakes, one in three became irritable with their boss and colleagues and a fifth said they had nodded off at some point.

Up to 23 million British workers claim to lose an hour's sleep every night because they dread going to work the next day, research has shown.

Dealing with a difficult boss, having to give an important presentation and missing a work deadline were all given as causes of disrupted sleep in by respondents to the latest survey.

Source - BBC

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