The hidden salt putting you children in danger of high blood pressure and strokes

Children are being put at risk of suffering high blood pressure and strokes in later life by the hidden salt content of many popular foods.

Some brands of baked beans, sausages, breaded chicken and noodles have been labelled potential health hazards. Some desserts also contain alarmingly high levels of salt.

Certain products contain virtually the entire daily limit for salt for a six year old in a single serving, according to research published today by campaign group Consensus Action on Salt and Health. The Department of Health recommends an upper limit of 5g of salt per day for a child aged seven to ten, 3g for those aged four to six and just 2g for those aged one to three.

A portion of Morrisons Southern Fried chicken - one drumstick and one thigh - contains 2.8g of salt, 93 per cent of the maximum amount for a sixyearold for an entire day, as does half a can of the supermarket's own label baked

Three Marks & Spencer potato croquettes contain 1.9g of salt, while just two slices of Kingsmill Great Everyday thick white bread contain 1.06g.

Sweet products with high salt levels include Asda's Roly Poly Pudding, which has 1.1g of salt per serving, and Tesco's Banana Flavour Delight with 1g.

Source - Daily Mail

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