Concern over HIV homeopathy role

Doctors and health charities have expressed concern about a conference which will examine the role of homeopathy in treating HIV.

The event includes discussion of what have been described as "healing remedies" for HIV and AIDS. One of the speakers believes that the treatment, involving flower essences, can be used to halt the AIDS epidemic.

But the event, which marks World AIDS Day, has been criticised by doctors who say the treatment is not effective.

About 80 homeopaths and workers from HIV projects are gathering for the workshop in south London today.

It will include discussion about a remedy for HIV and AIDS which is said to have been used in Africa for five years.

BBC health correspondent, Jane Dreaper explained: "The principle behind homeopathy is that an ailment can be cured by small quantities of substances that produce the same symptoms but some doctors say it's ineffective."

Source - BBC

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