Adults who eat lots of peanuts could trigger nut allergies in infants, research suggests

Infants whose family members eat lots of peanuts may be at greater risk of developing allergies to them, new research suggests.

Average weekly household peanut consumption was found to be significantly higher in families of children under one-year-old who later became peanut allergic, a study for the Food Standards Agency (FSA) found.

Exposure to peanuts through the skin or via inhalation might be a "significant factor" in a child's allergy development, researchers said. The FSA said very low household consumption may even protect children with egg allergies from becoming allergic to peanuts.

Researchers from Imperial College London found that average weekly household peanut consumption was significantly higher, at 77.2g, in families of children who went on to become peanut allergic.

Source - Daily Mail

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