Work bad for our health, say almost 200,000 Scots

NEARLY 200,000 people in Scotland say their work has been bad for their health, according to a report. The figure includes those suffering from an illness which they believe was caused - or made worse - by either their present or past work.

The statistics were published yesterday by the Health and Safety Executive. The report also highlighted that 31 workers were killed in Scotland last year, and more than 12,000 were injured.

Some 4.3 million working days - the equivalent of more than two days per worker - were lost north of the Border from workplace injury or from work-related ill-health. Ninety-one offences were prosecuted in Scotland, of which 60 resulted in a conviction, with an average fine of £27,268.

Stewart Campbell, the HSE's director for Scotland, said: "We see every day the impact of poor health-and-safety practice, and it is this which drives us, not the desire to act as killjoys."
Mr Campbell said it was "high time" that common causes of fatal accidents were eliminated.

He added: "I hope the courts will continue to reflect the gravity of these offences in the penalties they impose."

Source - Scotsman

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