Plastic beads work magic on wounds that refuse to heal

Tiny plastic beads are being used to help chronic wounds heal.

The treatment has been shown to help heal wounds that have failed to respond to other treatments for as long as four years.

Chronic wounds — such as leg ulcers and pressure sores — are a major public health problem, with more than half a million people in the UK affected. The NHS spends up to £1 billion a year on treating the problem, but in many cases the wounds fail to heal for weeks, months or even years. In severe cases, the only answer is limb amputation.

The wound healing process is complex — many different types of cells move to the area around a wound within a few hours. Their jobs include sealing the wound as quickly as possible, halting blood loss and creating a cover to stop infection getting in.

If wounds fail to respond in the first two to four weeks, despite treatment, they are classed as chronic.

A number of factors may be to blame, including poor blood flow, infection and a weakened immune response.

Source - Daily Mail

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