The French don't give a fig for fads

The French don't give a fig for fads

In France, eating well and staying slim is a constant preoccupation. But few people diet or go to the gym – and no one takes food scares seriouslyAnother day, another diet scare. As British consumers panic about the latest report saying that red meat and wine may cause cancer, I am here in France tucking into a birthday lunch with a French friend. We are eating lamb, roast potatoes, carrots and haricots verts. We will drink some red wine and, knowing my friend, we will finish off with a piece of dark chocolate.

In fact, if she doesn't have any, I will bring some out from my own handbag. Since the news last week that craving chocolate can actually make you fatter, I never travel without my own bar.

The French think we're hilarious with our faddy diets and food obsessions.

A few years ago we were supposed to avoid carbs. A meal without bread? You've got to be off your trolley. No red meat? I don't think so.

The French eat from every food group at every meal, regardless of whether or not they are healthy, super-healthy or protect us from disease.

Source - Telegraph

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