Do DIY health tests work? We ask the experts for their verdicts

Unable to get an appointment with your GP? Too embarrassed by your symptoms? It's not surprising many of us now turn to home testing kits to diagnose potential problems.

Sales of these kits have risen massively over the past five years and we now spend an extraordinary £100 million on them each year.

The tests themselves have become increasingly sophisticated - early DIY kits could test only for cholesterol levels and blood pressure but you can now buy tests for prostate problems and even track the effects of recreational drinking - last month saw the launch of a home testing kit for liver damage. Each test is simple to use, and usually involves taking a tiny sample of blood or urine and comparing the results against a colour-coded chart provided with the pack. With some of the more expensive tests, you post off the sample to a laboratory and the results are usually returned within days.

But do DIY tests work?

Source - Daily Mail

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