Could lazy living give you a double dose of diabetes?

Our unhealthy habits are making us prone to a new - and even more serious - form of this rampant disease.

Overweight and unhealthy, we are turning ourselves into a nation of diabetics. More people than ever before suffer from the condition - there are already 2.4 million in the UK, with the number rising at a rate of 100,000 every year.

While some people are born with the condition, the majority have developed it as a result of obesity. Treating diabetes costs the NHS more than any other disease, according to figures published last week.

But against this background, leading scientists think we might have been looking at the disease in the wrong way. Rather than suffering from the usual type 1 or type 2 diabetes, many people could have a new type - 'double diabetes', which is a mixture of the two. (It's also called, rather confusingly, type 1.5.)

And the consequences for their health are doubly serious because doctors have to treat both types at the same time - meaning more the needs of your body, then medication - and sufferers are at higher risk of complications such as heart disease and blindness.

Source - Daily Mail

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