The chocolate bar that's 'healthier' than 5lbs of apples

Most of us need no excuse to tuck into a bar of chocolate. But here's one anyway.

Choxi+ is made by Prestat, chocolatiers to the Queen.

And it is bursting with health-boosting antioxidants - natural compounds said to stave off everything from heart disease to cancer. Refinements to the manufacturing process mean the product, which goes on sale today, is said to contain up to three times more antioxidants than other brands.

So high are the levels that just two small squares apparently contain more antioxidants than a pound of Brussels sprouts or an incredible 5lbs of apples.

And the even better news is, it's said to taste terrific.

Available in both dark and milk varieties and in mint and orange flavours, Choxi+ is the first chocolate bar designed to be extra-rich in antioxidants.

While the price of £1.99 per 70g or 75g bar might make it more of a luxury than an everyday snack, Prestat claims those two squares a day will provide all the health boost a person needs.
Tests carried out for the London-based chocolate-maker, which holds a royal warrant, show that weight for weight, Choxi+ contains higher levels of antioxidants than any other food.
As well as sprouts and apples, that also includes such superfoods as broccoli, spinach, raisins, blueberries and raspberries.

As dark chocolate is naturally far richer in antioxidants than milk chocolate, the squares in the dark bars are smaller to ensure chocolate-lovers get the same benefit, no matter which variety they choose.

Source - Daily Mail

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