Simple eye exercises that help the blind see again

The world is a dismal looking place for anyone with macular degeneration.

They can't distinguish between people's faces, can't drive, can't read or even watch TV — words and images are just a blur. Some can't see in colour.

For the half a million Britons who have it, macular degeneration is a pretty bleak diagnosis — and there is no cure.

But now a simple new approach to treating the condition could greatly improve patients' lives.

This treatment — known as "eccentric viewing" involves changing one's angle of vision to make use of healthy parts of the eye that can still see. It can help even those with severe sight impairment to read and see people more clearly.

Two years ago Richard Elliott, 66, a retired civil engineer, from Shrewsbury, developed macular degeneration in his right eye.

"My vision became distorted, so straight lines, like lampposts, looked bent," he says.
"I sing with my church male-voice choir and started singing wrong notes because I wasn't seeing the first note in each bar; only the second. I was terrified I was going to go blind."

He underwent eccentric viewing training in July and is now able to read again.

"I was so moved I cried," he says. "I was elated."

Ophthalmologists describe the technique as a breakthrough.

Source - Daily Mail

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