Diet fights cancer

The risk of cancer can be cut by as much as 40% by taking more exercise and eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, according to a study.

The World Cancer Research Fund report, to be published this week, will urge Britons to change their lifestyles and will warn that obesity must be tackled if cancer rates are to be reduced significantly.

The study, Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer, ( I think this is the link - it was really difficult to find! If not I apologize. ) analysed more than 7,000 studies. It is expected to highlight research showing that regular exercise can cut the risk of some cancers, including those of the colon and breast, by up to 40% and that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables can help, too.

Specialists say that many people are not aware of how small changes in their lifestyle can help to beat cancer.

Source - Times

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