Apple faces legal threat over ‘toxic’ iPhone

Environmentalists have threatened to sue Apple if it does not make its iPhone a “greener” product or tell consumers of the toxins allegedly used in the device’s manufacture.

The Centre for Environmental Health (CEH), a campaign group based in Oakland, California, said that it would begin a lawsuit in 60 days unless Apple took action.

The threat comes after a report by Greenpeace, the environmental organisation, which alleged that the iPhone contained dangerous levels of bromine, chlorine and phthalates - chemicals used to increase the flexibility of plastic.

David Santillo, a senior scientist at Greenpeace, said in a video posted on the campaign group’s website: “Electronics companies have traditionally relied on the cool, clean image of their devices in order to sell them. What we have found over the years is that once you get behind that shiny cover, the story is very different.”

The level of phthalate esters, which are linked to birth defects, in the plastic coating of iPhone headphone wires is greater than that allowed in toys or childcare items sold in Europe, Greenpeace alleged.

Source - Times

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