The spray that has 'cured' my thinning hair

Theresa Smith started losing her hair following her father's death - within months it was so bad she was reduced to colouring-in her bald patches with a felt-tip.

"When my father died it was a very traumatic time for me," says Theresa, 61. "About a month after his death (in 2004) I was in the bathroom brushing my hair after my morning shower when I noticed that clumps of it were falling out. My hairbrush was covered in hair and more fell out on the floor as I ran my fingers over my scalp. I looked in the shower and there was yet more hair around the plug-hole. I was terrified there was something seriously wrong with me."

Theresa sought advice from her GP, who suspected she was suffering from a form of stress-related alopecia and prescribed a course of steroids. Such types of alopecia are caused by an auto-immune response, in which the immune system attacks the body. Steroids work by suppressing the immune system to allow the hair follicle to recover. However these had no effect and her hair continued to thin dramatically.

"I had always had strong, healthy hair," says Theresa, "so to find myself with bald patches and thin, weak hair was a nightmare. I wouldn't leave the house unless I absolutely had to. I used to colour-in the patches to try to disguise them. I lost all my self-confidence and became a bit of a recluse." After trying a variety of over-thecounter hair thickening products with no success, Theresa had given up hope of her hair ever growing back. Then she saw an ad in her local paper looking for volunteers to try a new hair loss treatment spray.

The product - Boots Expert Hair Loss Treatment Spray for Women - apparently stops hair from thinning by increasing the thickness and health of each strand of hair.

Its creators claim the ingredients, which include green coffee beans and a medicinal plant called the Indian pennywort, work by calming the immune system.

Source - Daily Mail

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