Sleep takes root

Late-night revision for looming exams can trigger a relentless pattern of sleepless nights, but for Mandi Jones, 27 from London, lack of sleep was leaving her so emotionally drained that she had to seek professional advice. She was studying for her part-time masters degree in human resource management and organisational analysis, while also working as a management consultant, and found the pressure of work was making it progressively more difficult to get to sleep.

“GPs tend not to be very helpful with insomnia and sometimes advise warm baths,” she says. But this time her GP suggested that she take sleeping pills. “I didn’t want to take sleeping pills,” she says. “I’d tried them when I was a management consultant in London and although they work, I got very drowsy the next day and found that I couldn’t think straight.”

So Jones was faced with either staring at the ceiling all night or turning up to exams groggy and only half-conscious. Then her sister told her about an insomniac friend who had found relief in valerian root, a herbal remedy used in traditional medicine to help with sleep problems and anxiety. Jones visited her local health-food shop and began taking valerian capsules before she went to bed. Within days her symptoms became less severe and she began to feel more rested.

“The valerian worked quickly and soon I felt back to my normal self,” she says.

Source - Times

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