Queen's doctor warns of homoeopathy crisis

A leaked memo reveals that there is 'a co-ordinated campaign' to derail alternative therapies on the NHS

The Queen's personal physician and Britain's leading homoeopath yesterday warned of a "co-ordinated campaign to derail complementary therapies in the NHS".

A leaked memo seen by The Independent on Sunday identifies several influential groups working together for the removal of homoeopathy from the NHS.

According to Dr Peter Fisher, clinical director of the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital, there has been a 20 per cent reduction in referrals to the hospital in the past year, as new patients are refused funding by a growing number of primary care trusts.

The hospital – an NHS centre of excellence – could be forced drastically to cut services if other PCTs introduce the same system and if funding for patients currently undergoing treatment is withdrawn.

Dr Fisher, whose patients include the supermodel Claudia Schiffer, pointed to the fact that some six million people in the UK use complementary therapies each year. Advocates include David Beckham and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Source - Independent

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