Pregnant women told 'eat peanuts to protect your babies from allergies'

Mothers who shield their babies from peanut products may be doing more harm than good, a major report will warn next week.

It suggests that Britain's allergy epidemic is being fuelled by Government advice which has led many mothers to stop eating peanuts during pregnancy and to avoid giving them to children at an early age.

The dramatic findings of a House of Lords committee follow a series of authoritative studies showing that allergy rates are low, or non-existent, in countries where babies are weaned on peanuts.

In contrast, Britain has witnessed a surge in childhood allergies in the last decade, with up to eight per cent of youngsters experiencing a reaction before they go to school.

The science and technology committee's allergy report is expected to call on the Department of Health to change its official advice.

Ministers have admitted that their guidelines – which state that babies may be at higher risk of developing a nut allergy if the mother or father have a history of asthma, eczema or hay fever – may be 'entirely wrong and counter-productive'.

Source - Daily Mail

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