Natural deodorants: Scent packing

The battle to smell fresh has raged for centuries. The ancient Egyptians shaved underarm then slapped on citrus oils and spices. The Greeks and Romans blended deodorising perfumes.

Nowadays we have a full arsenal of chemicals at our disposal - chemicals that do not just mask the smell of sweat, but block the ducts and prevent perspiration from emerging in the first place. Have we gone too far?

A recent study found high levels of aluminium - a common ingredient in modern anti-perspirants - in the breast tissue of cancer patients who had undergone mastectomies.
Cancer Research UK maintains that there is absolutely no link between deodorants and breast cancer but I cannot help regarding my chemical-packed antiperspirant with some ill-informed distrust. It could be time to get less high-tech about smelling good.

Body odour is caused not by perspiration itself but by the bacterial breakdown of it. Deodorants simply mask the pong. Antiperspirants go a step further, plugging the ducts to stop the perspiration from emerging (aluminium compounds react with the electrolytes in perspiration to form a gel plug in the duct of the sweat gland).

Source - Telegraph

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