'My son's diet made him hyperactive'

Helen Buniak describes her son Lee as a "Jekyll and Hyde" character. "He'd be a lovely, good little boy most of the time, but then he would become suddenly very aggressive, with these massive tantrums."

For the first eight years of his life, she said, she had no idea of the reason behind it. Then she noticed a coincidence.

Lee had five "episodes" in close succession, and Helen, from London, realised that each one had followed the birthday of a classmate - which meant the handing out of sweets by parents at the school gate. "I realised that there was something in those sweets that was making him behave like that," she says.

Complete change

No-one had mentioned the possibility that food additives or ingredients might be to blame, and she turned to the Hyperactive Children's Support Group for health.

They recommended a diet which involved removing foods which included additives, then gradually reintroducing them.

"Lee had a normal diet, but there were so many things that had additives - meat pies and bacon as well as sweets, fizzy drinks and crisps."

The effect was immediate, she says.

Source - BBC

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