Home mould removal 'eases asthma'

Asthma sufferers who remove mould from their homes could see an improvement in their symptoms, a Cardiff University study has found.

Half of the south Wales homes used in the research were cleaned of mould and ventilation was improved, and the other half were left mouldy for 12 months.

Asthma patients in the mould-free homes used their inhalers less and symptoms like sneezing lessened, said experts.

Charity Asthma UK said it wanted more research before conclusions were drawn.

Researchers at Cardiff University's School of Medicine studied 182 people with asthma living in 164 mouldy houses in two locations in south Wales.

Michael Burr, of the department for primary care said the removal of mould in half of the houses led to improvements in asthma symptoms, including runny or blocked noses and itchy-watery eyes.

Source - BBC

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