Chocolate cravings come out of the box

Our love of chocolate knows no bounds.

We think about it, dream about it, and probably - just sometimes - eat a bit too much of it. Some people even go so far as to claim to be addicted to it.

But what drives our cravings for chocolate?

Some believe it contains mind-bending ingredients that can enhance our moods. One bite, they maintain, and chocolate's psychoactive compounds cause warm and fuzzy feelings to wash over us, making us want more and more.

But Peter Rogers, professor of biological psychology from Bristol University who is speaking at the BA Festival of Science in York, has carried out research that suggests this is not the case.

Not the culprit

To test chocolate's feel-good power, he gave volunteers some tasteless capsules to swallow.
Some contained cocoa powder, which, because it contains a higher concentration of these mood-enhancing chemicals, should cause a marked effect on the volunteers' disposition; other capsules contained nothing but starch.

Source - BBC

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