Barefoot running: Lose those shoes

Running barefoot isn’t just for Zola Budd any more. Those who take to the latest exercise trend from the US say it feels more natural, improves your technique and can even cure injury niggles.

There is hardness and there is foolhardiness.

Hardiness is when you look out of the window at the miserable weather and, with joyous cries, change into your kit and head off for a run.

Foolhardiness is the same, but without shoes on. Or socks.

Barefoot running is an insane-sounding joggers’ fad that started in the US but is spreading over here.

Steve Hammond, 53, ran the entire 2005 London Marathon in his bare tootsies after training shoeless in the Welsh hills. Marathon director Dave Bedford isn’t surprised by this novelty. “Running barefoot can actually improve running proficiency by five per cent,” he says. “There is extra skin exposed that increases the body’s access to oxygen.”

Source - Telegraph

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