Which berries will really benefit you?

No sooner have we grasped the health-protecting, skin-boosting, brain-empowering properties of one super berry than along comes another one, with seemingly superior “supernutrient” virtues.

And yet, to date, much of the research that “reveals” their potential benefits has been carried out in laboratories and on animals, so their real benefits are just that, potential.
“It is possible to show charts and quote figures that reveal, for example, either blueberries or blackcurrants to have more supernutrients simply by testing a specific variety,” says Stephen Taylor, a leading berry grower. “This is confusing and potentially misleading.” So just exactly what can various berries really do for us? What we do know for sure is that berries share some universal nutritional properties.

They are low in calories. You can munch your way through a 200g bowl of strawberries for just 54 calories and the same size bowl of raspberries for 50. All are great too for vitamin C which we know is vital for immunity, the quality of our skin and our ability to absorb iron, needed for energy, from many foods.

Strawberries and raspberries give us more vitamin C than blackberries but less than blackcurrants. But all are very useful for this multifunctional nutrient, as well as for fibre and blood pressure-balancing potassium. So if you’re served gooseberries, mulberries, bilberries or red-currants, then tuck in with gusto.

The fact that we may also derive added benefits from particular varieties should be seen as an added bonus rather than a reason to stick to one to the exclusion of others.

Source - Times

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