Snoring solutions

If you share a bed with a snorer, this article could very well change your life.In fact, if you've been driven so demented that your concentration is shot to pieces, your eyes red-rimmed and your patience tested to its very limits on a nightly basis, feel free to go straight to the end of this piece, call the telephone number printed and whip out your credit card.
Who cares what it costs? You don't, you're desperate. And I feel your pain.
Adultery is all very well, but snoring must surely be the biggest test of any marriage; I know many a wife who would happily overlook the occasional infidelity, as long as her husband did the decent thing and slept over.
Only someone who has endured life with a snorer can possibly understand the stress, exhaustion and, above all, rage it causes.
As he slumbers like a (very noisy, very annoying) baby, you toss and turn beside him, a toxic cocktail of frustration and anger pumping through your veins.

I had all but given up hope that I could ever get a decent night's sleep, until I came across Aromalites, a herbal snoring remedy that claims a 98 per cent success rate within a month, or your money back.

It comprises two jars of essential oils, one containing lavender, the other marjoram. Lavender is well known as a relaxant, enhancing sleep and relieving insomnia. The marjoram apparently lessens the vibrations in the back of the throat and clears the sinuses, promoting easier breathing.

The idea was to keep both jars open on my husband's bedside table for 30 days and 30 nights, so the room would be suffused with the herbal aromas, and thereafter to close the jars during the day and open them at night. It was worth a try, so I bought the two large jars for £16.

And, dear reader, it is almost a month on, and the snoring has virtually stopped! Not completely - there are still nights when I'm woken up, and, frankly, marjoram can only do so much when confronted with half a gallon of Merlot.

But four nights out of five, I'm getting a full eight hours' rest. The chronic sleep deprivation has lifted and so have my spirits. Not only do I feel much less violent towards my husband when he does snore, but I'll probably stay married long enough to get my own back and start snoring myself.

Source - Telegraph

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