Pupils 'benefit from free fruit'

A national scheme giving primary school children in England a free piece of fruit each day has improved their diet, a study of 5,000 pupils has found.

The number of children who ate fruit every day rose from 46% to 65% as a result of the initiative, researchers at Nottingham University discovered.

The school fruit and vegetable scheme was rolled out nationally in 2002, amid concerns about healthy eating.
It provides a piece of fruit to all those in the first three primary years.

Between 2003 and 2005, reseachers from Nottingham University's division of epidemiology and public health looked at more than 200 primary schools, studying the fruit intake of more than 5,000 children before, during and after taking part in the scheme.
The children were in their reception year - aged four or five - at the beginning of the research project.

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