When Annabel Croft experienced a throbbing pain in her side and began to faint regularly, she made an appointment with her doctor. “An X-ray showed there was a benign cyst on one of my ovaries and that I would probably need an operation to remove it,” she recalls.Eighteen months on and despite not having any surgery, the cyst and the pain are gone. Annabel was treated with homeopathy.

“I’d been using homeopathic remedies for sports injuries and to improve my health for three years,” says Annabel, 40, a former Junior Wimbledon champion who now works as a TV presenter and tennis commentator.

“Then a friend told me that she knew of a homeopath, Hilery Dorrian, who would be able to treat the cyst naturally. This seemed like a better option to me than going through with an operation.”

During a consultation Hilery, who runs a clinic in Redhill, Surrey, analysed every aspect of Annabel’s physical and emotional health and prescribed a natural remedy known as agnus castus, which comes in tablet form as well as a tincture.

It comes from berries of a plant called vitex agnus castus, which has been used to treat gynaecological problems for 2,500 years. “The extract works by acting on the pituitary gland to balance hormonal fluctuations,” explains Annabel. “It’s used to treat symptoms of PMS, painful periods, the menopause and polycystic ovaries.”

Source - Daily Express

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