Fat 'crucial' in children's diet

While parents may be increasingly worrying about childhood obesity, they must ensure their offspring eat enough fat, research from the US urges.

Concerns about their child becoming overweight means some parents put them on low-fat diets, but the Nutrition Journal study said this was misguided.

Researchers found children burned substantially more fat than adults relative to their calorie intake.

Youngsters needed that fat to grow and thrive, they argued.
Over a third of a child's energy intake should be made up of fat, the researchers at Pennsylvania State University said, a recommendation in line with UK requirements.
"Despite this, many parents and children restrict fat for health reasons," they said. "Sufficient fat must be included in the diet for children to support normal growth and development."
'Absolutely right'

All of the participants - 10 children and 10 adults - were put on the same diet, adjusted to estimated calorie requirements of each one.

Source - BBC

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