£523,000 a day on alternative medicine

PEOPLE in Britain will spend up to £191 million on complementary medicines such as herbal remedies and aromatherapy this year, a report revealed yesterday.

Controversy surrounds complementary therapies, with many in the scientific community doubting they work. Despite these doubts, market analyst Mintel said sales of such medicines have increased by 32 per cent since 2002 - with around £523,000 spent per day.
And by 2011, the market will see sales of more than £250 million a year. Mintel said that almost half of British women (49 per cent) and 28 per cent of men had used a complementary medicine and would use it again.

A further 27 per cent said they had not yet used such products but would consider doing so.
Mintel said as it became increasingly difficult to get a GP appointment, more people were turning to the internet to research their symptoms.

This led to many finding herbal remedies which are readily available without a prescription from supermarkets and high street stores.

Source - Scotsman

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