12 ways to enjoy life for longer

Confused by conflicting health advice for older women, Jan Etherington has come up with her own common-sense guide

There's a perception that getting older is a doddle. "Sixty is the new 40", "50 is the new 21", headlines shout. Look at all the fabulous role models for older women! We can all be like that!No, we can't. Real women don't have an army of people on hand to make them look fabulous. And they don't get air-brushed.

Let's be realistic: we've all got to get older. Even the age-defying superstars can't avoid it. So we have two choices: resent it and moan about it - or try to find a way of staying fit and healthy for as long as we can.

Actually, there is another choice: have work done. But the idea of hacking chunks out of your face and body because you're scared of ageing is just so frighteningly stupid that I will push that suggestion aside with a distasteful sneer and return to common-sense solutions.The biggest problem faced by the babyboomers - those of us born between 1945 and 1965 - is getting us to admit we're growing older. We still think we can do anything. We're fit, fast and most of us are still working. We may be grandparents but we bristle at the assumption that we need to be spoken to very loudly and clearly, and offered a comfort stop and a community sing-song every time we get on a bus. Remember the well-meaning council that got short shrift for offering "tea dances and slipper exchange(!) for the over-fifties".

However lithe we think we look in Lycra, we certainly don't look 18 any more. But if any generation is going to sprint into retirement with 20/20 vision and a perfect smile, it should be us.

Source - Telegraph

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