Why vitamin D is so vital

Grey skies this summer mean that children are more at risk of developing weak bones and other diseases.
After the worst midsummer weather on record, you may feel something is missing - not only the sun but the sunshine vitamin, D.
The action of sun on skin, and of vitamin D on the body as a whole, have been shown to elevate mood as well as protect against disease. If you miss it, what about the children who are growing up without it? How will they get through next winter with what may be the lowest levels of D ever?

Children are at risk of serious diseases caused by insufficient vitamin D because the government's Healthy Start programme is failing to provide promised vitamins. The infant vitamins, which are not reaching the public, contain vitamin D that not only protects against rickets and weak bones but also reduces the risk of multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and now, it is suggested, autism, too.

The Department of Health (DH) has developed its own-brand infant vitamin drops under the Healthy Start label and announced that they would be on sale in chemists' shops in March.
But parents seeking to protect their children against vitamin deficiency and its serious consequences have been unable to buy the infant vitamins in many parts of the country. And doctors wanting to prescribe the vitamins have been equally frustrated.

Source - Scotsman

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