Skin care products 'can actually damage skin'

Women absorb up to 2kg of the products they apply to their skin, many of which is harmful to their general health, claims an expert
Biochemist Richard Bence, founder of, also argues that the repeated use of a cocktail of chemicals can affect the skin.
He states that, unlike chemicals we consume, those which are absorbed through the skin enter the blood stream directly.
Mr Bence said: "We have become accustomed to believing the claims made by companies who manufacture conventional health and beauty products, assuming certain protection is in place that ensures these products will not harm.
"Over the last few years this has been brought into question more and more, evidenced by the move by many companies to drop ingredients such as parabens and SLS, which up until about 3-4 years ago were perceived as safe."
The key issues include:
• Commonly used ingredients such as methylparaben can actually cause skin to age;
• Ingredients in conventional products often interact with one another and as a result become far more harmful than any of the original ingredients;
• The number of artificial chemicals to which we are exposed daily has been linked to a rise in allergies;
• Concern has been raised about how we are chemically stressing our bodies and what the long term effects will be;
• The negative environmental effects of ingredients found in conventional products that are constantly washed down the drain;
• Many so-called "natural" and non-certified organic products are not covered by a governing body and the ingredients are often similar to conventional products

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