How to succeed without really trying

I am lying fully clothed in my own front room on a gurney, eyes shut, rocking and wobbling this way and that beneath layers of white blankets.

It sounds like something from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but I am, in fact, experiencing The Trager Approach, a form of therapeutic body work named after its American founder Milton Trager, an American doctor whose technique took off in the 1970s in California.
A Trager practitioner uses "compassionate touch" - a series of soft rocking and stretching movements - to "ease" the client's body into "comfort" (that is, help you to relax).
Devotees include model Jerry Hall, who encountered the technique in a BBC documentary in which she described her first Trager session as a "huge physical release. And emotional. And mental".
Marvellously, the idea behind this therapy is to do literally nothing.

Source - Telegraph

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