Can goats' blood help beat MS? My mother is walking proof it can

When her mother, Diana, began taking an unlicensed experimental drug made from goats' blood for multiple sclerosis, you might imagine Jackie Llewellyn-Bowen would have had a few nagging doubts.
But if she did, these were quickly allayed. 'Three weeks after she started taking it, I went to my parents' home. My mother was standing in the hallway,' says Jackie, wife of Laurence Llewellyn- Bowen.
'She beamed at me and said: "Look - no stick!" She wasn't using a frame, hobbling or grabbing at furniture to find her balance. She had gone back to the mobility she had the year before.'
All over the country, sufferers of MS and their families were hearing of Aimspro and clamouring for it. Some were able to get hold of it, although no one has ever established how many.

Yet, just three years later, its true value is being challenged by medical experts and charities, many of whom are unable to speak publicly because they are involved in complicated litigation with Daval International, the pharmaceutical company behind the drug.

Most significantly, the MS Society has just revealed it is concerned that users of Aimspro, a potential anti-inflammatory treatment, are spending their life savings and placing too much faith in a drug that is untried and not properly tested. As the drug has not been formally evaluated, it is impossible to judge whether it works.

Source - Daily Mail

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