High-salt diet link to ulcer risk

The bug that causes stomach ulcers may be more likely to cause disease when exposed to high concentrations of salt, a US team of researchers has said.

Two genes associated with the potency of Helicobacter pylori became more active if a lot of salt is present.

Presenting the results at the American Society for Microbiology conference, the researchers said research had shown salt was linked to gastric cancer.

Experts said the findings suggested how salt and H. Pylori may interact.
H. pylori lives in the stomach, and accounts for up to 90% of duodenal ulcers and up to 80% of gastric ulcers. The bacterium may also increase the risk of gastric cancer.
Many people carry the bacterium without experiencing any symptoms.
And some of those who are affected suffer far less severe symptoms than others.

Source - BBC

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